Books and Websites


• On Grieving the Death of a Father, Harold Ivan Smith(Loss of father)

• When A Life Mate Dies, S. Heinlein, G. Brumett & J. Tibbals,editors(over 50 individuals share their experiences)

• How to go on Living When Someone You Love Dies, Therese Rando(suggestions to aid in the grief process)

• A Mother Loss Workbook, D Hambrook & G. Eisenberg(workbook to cope with the death of a mother)

• When a Man Faces Grief, James Miller & Tom Golden(Suggestions to aid men in the grief process)

• Pet Loss, H. Nieburg and A. Fischer(assists with coping with the loss of a loved companion)

• The Worst Loss, How Families Heal from the Death of A Child, Barbara Rosof(assist with coping with the death of a child)

• What Will Help Me?, James E. Miller(coping with grief)

• Life After Loss, Bob Deits(Grief, Coping)

• A Time to Grieve, Carol Staudocher, (Grief and Healing)

• Losing Your Parents, Finding Yourself,Victoria Secunda(change after the death of a parent)

• The Gift of Significance, Doug Manning(Passages of Loss)

• I’m Grieving as Fast As I Can, Linda Feinberg(Young widow and widower)

• Widow to Widow, Genevieve Ginsburg, (Myths about grieving)


 The Goodbye Boat, Mary Joslin(Children and Coping)

 When Dinasaurs Die, L. Kramsny-Brown & M. Brown(Book about death)

 You Hold Me I’ll Hold You, Jo Carson(touch and healing)

 The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, Leo Buscaglia(talks about seasons and death)

 The 10th Good Thing About Barney, Judith Viorst(Death of a Pet)

 The Dead Bird, Margaret Wise Brown, (Young Children)

 Talking About Death, Earl Grollman(Helps adults explain death to children)

 The Saddest Time, Norma Simon, (Multi-cultural)

 Nana Upstairs, & Nana Downstairs, Tomie dePaola(Memories are forever)

 Annie and the Old One, Miska Miles(Cyles of Life described by a Navajo grandmother who is dying)

 The Empty Place, Rara Schlitt(death of a sibling)

 How It Feels When A Parent Dies, Jill Krementz 7-16 yr old(Personal stories of 18 children and adolescents who have lost a parent)


 You and A Death In Your Family, Antoine Wilson(Normalizing grief in teens)

 Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins, Eric Samuel Traisman(Journal)

 When A Friend Dies, Marilyn Gootman(Coping with the death of a friend)

 Facing Change Coming Together & Falling Apart in the Teen Years, Donna O’Toole(Helps teen understand their loss)

 Straight Talk About Death, Earl Grollman(Rabbi gives straight talk on what to expect)


Information and referral services related to end of life, grief resources and care for the dying

Information, resources, for widows and widowers

Website of the Dougy Center. A national center for grieving children

Books at discounted prices

Books at discounted prices

Retired adults website-lots of good information

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